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Welcome to LeivasLighting.com, thank you for visiting!

Leivas Lighting & Electrical specializes in a variety of different lighting and electrical services. Our goal is to offer an affordable and reliable lighting and electrical installation and maintenance service to commercial, industrial and residential properties. We have compatible prices and high quality material. With over 20 years of experience, the owner is well experienced in the lighting industry. He oversees all work done to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our expertise in lighting signs is what we mostly take pride in. Pylon, monument and freeway signs are a few of the types of signs we master in lighting. The visibility  of a company sign is a great way of advertisement. This will help promote business by bringing attention to your company. Our company offers excellent ideas and solutions to dull and fading company signs and channel letters. This is a simple and cost efficient fix for marketing strategies.

Please take a look at our photo gallery for some samples of our work! 


Leivas Lighting & Electrical executes in a number of lighting and electrical needs. Commercial and industrial properties have a selection of services provided by our company. Lighting and electrical maintenance is provided as a monthly service. This includes interior and exterior inspections to detect any repairs or replacements that will be needed to correct. We will repair, install and replace all non-operative lamps and ballasts with the best material and highest trained employees. With our boom lift and scissor lift, parking lots and pole lights are available in our monthly package. We also specialize in LED retrofitting. Not only do we retrofit interior lighting, we also excel in outdoor and  Sign retrofitting. Converting company signs to LED has several benefits. First, LEDs give a brighter and clearer visual of the sign. You will be able to view the sign from a farther distance allowing customers to gravitate toward your store. LED Retrofitting also allows our clients to become candidates for energy efficient rebates. Our office has expert rebate advisors that will be happy to assist in the rebate process. We currently hold a 100% rebate return with our clients.

Residential properties are also offered a number of services. Security lighting design and upgrades are provided to all our clients. Cameras and additional exterior lighting will help prevent break-ins and other unwanted dangers to your home. We custom design the location of the cameras and lights to create a stylistic approach for your security needs. In addition, our company specializes in landscape lighting. With our landscape lighting, our company custom designs an appealing and attractive lighting system for each individual home. We extend our landscape lighting services to all our clients to ensure a well-lit and inviting home and/or business. It is our joy to help improve lighting and electrical services to our valued customers as well as our customers to come.

For additional comments and/or questions, please contact us anytime, thank you!

Ph: 951.686.4046Fax:951.686.4086
6370 Brockton Ave. Ste. A
Riverside, CA 92506 US
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